Life Sciences

Q1 has built an international reputation as a preferred expert and trusted partner for life sciences companies. We help leading, global life science companies navigate the evolving medical device, diagnostic test and specialty pharmaceutical industries. Our clients choose us to advise them on their most critical strategic decisions and to provide actionable solutions. Download Q1’s Life Science brochure or read about our offerings below:

Brand Positioning

We know how to assess existing business portfolios, brands, products and identify those that offer the greatest opportunity for profitable growth. We work with management teams to identify implementation requirements and risks and to outline performance metrics and targets. Our consultants work with senior management to help communicate growth strategies internally and externally.

Opportunity Assessment

Q1 helps clients assess a range of market opportunities, such as entry into new markets, market expansion, identifying unmet market needs, evaluating new products and understanding the competitive landscape. We provide comprehensive insights, implications and recommendations for clients based on the unique needs of their products and/or markets.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Our strategy consulting team brings knowledge and expertise to help from early commercial development and market preparation through launch and end of life-cycle planning for pharmaceutical, specialty and medical technology organizations.

Customer Insights

Q1 provides a framework for the understanding of your customers’ attitudes, perceptions, usage patterns and behaviors. We explore customer loyalty and satisfaction, switching cues, competitor perception and what factors drive their purchase decisions.