Custom Research

Our custom research services deliver a wide range of business solutions for food and beverage organizations. Download our brochure or explore Q1’s specialized offerings below :


Advertising Effectiveness Tracking

Are your strategic advertising investments paying off? Q1 can help chain restaurants track advertising effectiveness in a variety of  mediums (TV, radio, online, POP and banner) to determine what’s working, what’s not and how your ad dollars might be better spent. Key tracking goals include:

  • Improve brand equity, especially top‐of‐mind awareness
  • Build brand consideration
  • Encourage trial

Download our Advertising Effectiveness Tracking Case Study to learn more about our unique approach.

Business Planning & Strategy Consulting

Navigating the food and beverage industry requires vision, discipline and a sound strategic plan. Whether it is a new division or concept, Q1 consultants can deliver a solid road map to clients looking to increase profitability while reducing costs. Download our Business Planning for Food Companies brochure to learn more.


Q1 helps food and beverage CPG companies and foodservice chains build and sustain strong brands to create loyalty with consumers, customers, employees, and stakeholders, driving higher sales, capturing more market share and mitigating risk while sustaining profits.

Consumer, Customer and Competitor Insights

We help clients apply needs-based research and segmentation techniques that get to the real drivers of shopper and consumer behavior and help identify the most promising target groups. We believe understanding the competitive space from a 360-degree view is critical to developing sustainable strategies and bases of competitive differentiation.

Market Insights

The food and beverage industry is ever-changing and heavily dependent upon the health of the overall economy. Patrons tend to purchase more freely when employment, disposable income and Consumer Confidence measures are high – and vice versa. At Q1, we explore the long-term impact of economic, legislative, environmental and channel-specific activities on a client’s business.

Opportunity Assessment

Q1’s food and beverage experts understand the risks clients face when deciding to launch a new product or enter a new market. We provide a comprehensive methodology that outlines the client’s internal situation, market forces, stakeholder attitudes, behaviors and usage as well as a final “go or no go” recommendation with proposed contingencies for each potential direction.

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