Why Q1

Partners Influence the Work — In most research and consulting firms, partners and senior executives design and sell a consulting engagement, only to turn over the project to less-experienced staff. Q1’s senior staff spearheads an engagement from start to finish, ensuring that clients receive the results that only an experienced professional can provide.
Outstanding Results — Q1 is staffed with thought leaders and experienced professionals from some of the most prestigious firms. With this comes impeccable results and business insights without the “prestigious” prices.
Answers to the “So What?” — Q1 will provide end-to-end engagements from scoping a project to identifying the hypotheses to test. The copious raw data is then synthesized by senior leaders into compact and actionable strategic options.
Client Intimacy — Q1 takes the time to understand a client’s business before, during and after the engagement. This ensures that implications and recommendations are relevant, measurable and on target with a client’s business.
Authentic Strategic Thinking — Sometimes referred to as creative thinking, Q1 knows that not all phenomena and events in the “real world” fit into a linear model. True strategic thinking is not linear – it involves the human brain.